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When you want food as it was before that taste as delicious then and now, is simply timeless classics.

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This is Tennstopet!

Welcome to venerable Tennstopet. Located in the heart of “Vasastan”.


We are a proud bearer of Swedish culinary traditions. We follow the seasons and aim to serve the produce when it is at its best. Tennstopet’s hunting team gather in the beginning of fall and you can follow their luck on the menu.We serve dishes rarely seen on menus today. For example, if you visit us now chances are that you’ll try wild boar for the first time or the traditional stockfish at Christmas time.During the end of September we celebrate Tennstops 150th anniversary. We will serve the food of the past at the price of the past between 25-29 September. On the menu you will find dipshop, clay potato or antelope cream.150 years ago, Tennstopet opened the doors for the first time. At this time the establishment was located in Klarakvartern but moved to Dalagatan in 1965.Now

What's happening at Tennstopet.


From the 1th of February we put Hare with it's distinct taste on the menu.

Tennstopet Have trust in Tennstopet

Vi ses på Stopet

The Book about Tennstopet

To honer the story about Tennstopet we made a book. Here you can read about the several storys there is to tell. You can buy the book at Tennstopet -

the tale of Tennstopet

The book about tennstopet.

Tennstopet’s first location was in the city centre, the old “Klarakvarteren”. Often frequented by journalists from the surrounding newspaper offices. Early in 1965, after a government decision, the old neighborhood was torned down for a more mo